Coordination of the 2nd Argentine National Forest Inventory in the province of Salta

Ref 2017-A-Inventaire Forestier National Salta

Forest and climate change, Natural forests management
South America

The 2nd Argentine National Forest Inventory was conducted as part of the country's REDD+ strategy, led by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. Its purpose is to update the information collected during the 1st national inventory (1998-2007), to estimate the evolution of the resource and to establish a baseline for the national MRV system.

It covered a total of more than 33 million hectares of natural forests, distributed in 5 large forest ecoregions, through the installation and measurement of permanent plots uniformly distributed every 10 km. In the province of Salta, 718 plots have been distributed in a territory of about 8 million hectares of natural forests of Yungas and Chaco.

On behalf of the Proyungas Foundation, TEREA was in charge of the technical coordination and the logistics of the implementation of the field work, including the coordination and the supervision of 8 permanent inventory brigades. In total, more than 220 persons, engineers, cartographers, technicians and auxiliaries, participated in the implementation of the project during more than one year. More than 5,300 km were covered on foot, in a wide variety of landscapes and climates, with an altitude gradient of nearly 3,000 meters.