Forest and tropical timber industry

Natural forests management

Natural forests are home to most of the Earth's biological diversity and contribute to the preservation of water resources, soil protection and the fight against climate change, not to mention their essential social role. Natural forests represent 93% of the world's forests, and tropical ones account for 45% of the global forest cover. They are now disappearing at an alarming rate. The implementation of sustainable forest management measures is an essential step in their development and preservation.

As a recognized specialist in the management of natural tropical forests, TEREA supports the public and private sectors by providing its expertise in the responsible management of several million hectares of tropical forests.

  • Sustainable forest management
  • Reduced impact logging
  • Protection and conservation
  • Forest certification and Traceability
  • Forest certification and traceability

Elaboration of the participatory management plan of the Rapides Grah Classified Forest (Nawa and San-Pedro region)


Coordination of the 2nd Argentine National Forest Inventory in the province of Salta


Revision of the CEB-Precious Woods company's management plans in Gabon


Coaching of the BSO company for the certification of legality and PAFC, in the framework of the PPECF project


Wood industry

From the first to the third processing stage, through expertise, training or consulting services, TEREA brings its skills in order to strengthen the capacities of existing processing units, promote their development, and allow the creation of new units adapted to the available resource and market potential.

TEREA proposes to assess industrial sites and wood resources to find technical and strategic solutions that improve the performance of industries and anticipate the evolution of the wood sector.

  • Proficiency of industrial tool
  • Optimization of the production
  • Supply management
  • Chain of custody, traceability

Mise en place d’une Chaîne de Contrôle de la traçabilité FSC™ au sein d’une industrie forestière au Gabon


Technical assistance to develop an integrated platform for the wood processing sector in Tripoli (Minjara)


Management training and staff development in two wood industries in Gabon


Wood sector economy

Forestry and timber industries are a major sector of the economy in many tropical countries. When carried out in a sustainable manner, they are a key factor in generating employment and tax revenues, and contribute to the preservation of forest resources.

Specialized in the forestry and tropical wood industry, TEREA offers its expertise in carrying out market studies at local or international level, sector analyses, fiscal or economic analyses of the timber sector.

TEREA participates in the implementation of the Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan, one of the main tools of the European Union (EU) to promote sustainable and legal logging.

TEREA also supports the governments of tropical forest countries in the preparation and implementation of forestry regulations, strategic studies, or in the establishment of economic observatories of the timber sector.

  • Market studies, economic analysis
  • FLEGT Action Plan, EUTR and Due Diligence
  • Fight against imported deforestation
  • Forestry regulations
  • Value chain analysis

Technical Assistance in the field of promotion and transformation of wood to the Direction of Promotion and Transformation of Forest Products (DPT) of MINFOF in Cameroon.